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Whilst living in Paris, I created Not Just Another Milla as a place of shared inspirations and experiences – tales of exquisite éclairs, travels to The East and where to find the perfect scone. Fast forward a few years and, having bid France au revoir, I’m now back in London in hot pursuit of an academic career in Japanese Studies.

In those rare moments away from the library, I can be found indulging in one of my many passions: yoga, museums, photography, afternoon tea, travel, Pierre Marcolini chocolates and most aspects of Japanese culture.


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  1. 7 January 2011 22:22

    Oh darling, you really are a woman after my own heart and the similarities are too good to be true! Next time you’re in London (or I’m in Paris, sigh…) we simply must meet for tea and macarons!

    Briony xx

    • 14 January 2011 21:33

      How sweet of you Briony – cannot wait to meet you either here or in London Town!


  2. 8 January 2011 04:31

    Milla you are divine! xx

    • 9 January 2011 16:36

      Milla is blushing! Thank you so much Patricia – you’re very kind!


  3. 24 January 2011 10:34

    Hello!!! Yes! so nice to meet you too! Email and I’ll send you my number, it’s better!! We can have tea or dumplings? love the format of your blog, original!

    Speak soon

  4. 3 February 2011 13:27

    The charming and beautiful Milla! What would I do without my daily dose from the Mrs?!?!? Fashion, food, discussion, travel… The best chat of the day!
    I luvs ya!

    • 4 February 2011 09:37

      My darling Cupcake, what lovely words!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support and input.

      You’re the best!


  5. 21 August 2011 11:53

    Your blog is a guilty pleasure! :) Im a Brooklynite living in Paris and am a fellow fashion lover! :)

    • 21 August 2011 22:31

      Thanks for your message! I just checked out your blog – fun! Nice to “meet” someone new in Paris!

  6. 23 November 2011 14:35

    What a joy of a blog!

    • 23 November 2011 16:27

      Thank you so much Helena – such a nice comment! I’ve actually been following your blog for a while – you did a review of ‘Decorate’ a while back, and I have since bought and fallen in love with the book. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. 21 January 2012 18:59

    so glad to have met you milla! considered yourself followed!!
    xoxo, kristina

  8. 19 March 2012 02:11

    Milla just like my beautiful 6 year-old. Milla as in sensamilla or kiswahili for culture?

  9. 27 April 2013 21:18

    I was just wondering, what camera do you use for your photographs? x

    • Not Just Another Milla permalink*
      28 April 2013 22:29

      Hello Caroline! I use a Sony Nex-5. Really light and easy to use. x

  10. 20 October 2013 16:24

    Hi Milla,

    Just noticed your comment on my blog (Cocomaya post). I find your blog interesting as I love afternoon tea too next time we could meet up.

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