La Ligne Fine

Once again, French stylist Agnès Poulle pulls together the finest pieces from the likes of Carven, Lanvin, Hermès and Givenchy par Riccardo Tisci to showcase exactly I need to be wearing this season. The white Hakaan dress paired with simple black heels is utter perfection, and I wouldn’t say no to the Ralph Lauren number (image 3) either!

Sadly my budget isn’t in sync with Madame Figaro’s so for now, a blog post will have to suffice.



  1. noelani zervas 10 October 2012 / 14:29

    These photos and fashions are a feast for the eyes. Sadly, that is all they will be for me too, haha. When will my budget catch up with my refined taste?! Love the new look of the site Milla, exceedingly polished and put together. Hope you have been well!

    • Not Just Another Milla 11 October 2012 / 13:28

      That is the question Lani! Why doesn’t the budget just sync up with one’s taste. I live in hope!

      Thanks so much! I have an email coming your way soon – just trying to find time to fit everything in.


  2. auscanucksarah 11 October 2012 / 00:56

    That white dress is lovely! What is with the hideous greasy-looking hair though?

    • Not Just Another Milla 11 October 2012 / 13:26

      It’s to give the editorial an edgy vibe. I’m with you – wash it people!!

  3. classiq 19 October 2012 / 15:33

    The white dress and black heels: PERFECTION! Love all the looks. :)

    • Not Just Another Milla 29 October 2012 / 08:50

      So glamorous, isn’t it? My wardrobe is calling for it… Unfortunately, I think I’m dreaming…

  4. SomeKindOfStyle (@somekindofstyle) 20 October 2012 / 14:32

    looking fabulous.. hej, sweets.. I guess I missed your memo about your amazing new layout design. ..loving it! hope to stay more connected again.. miss our conversations! xo

    • Not Just Another Milla 29 October 2012 / 08:48

      Merci beaucoup !

  5. coulsoncarla 5 November 2012 / 07:34

    Adore all these looks from Agnes love the white dress with the black heels also fabulous, they won’t be jumping in my closet either!!

  6. Helen@TheStyleSchedule 17 November 2012 / 21:25

    Love the second dress and the last outfit with that belt… it’s not toooo ott for school drop off is it? Ah, well… in another life! :)

    • Not Just Another Milla 27 November 2012 / 15:13

      Ha, that made me giggle. I highly suspect the other mothers would be rather envious if you show up like that! One can only dream!

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