Pink Words

I have a secret to share. I don’t often tell people this but… I detest the colour pink. Unless we’re talking make-up, I don’t want to see it or hear about it. It’s too girly for me to consider wearing or perhaps I’m just too old! Give me a little black dress any day and I’m good to go. So, imagine my surprise when the June issue of British Harper’s Bazaar landed on my doormat. A black and white image of the starlet of the moment – British actress Carey Mulligan – with a smile and a pastel pink header had me giddy with anticipation. A friend recently called Harper’s Bazaar “the thinking woman’s magazine” and I couldn’t agree more. Of course there is fashion, beauty and even a little blah celebrity coverage but the magazine, particularly the ‘Talking Points’ section,  gets the brain ticking. I want my Prada with a little history, my Céline with a little culture and most of all, I want to open a magazine which stimulates both my mind and eyes. I used to collect Vogue Paris but now, particularly with the unique subscribers covers, I think I have a new collectable.

I wish Leo left me notes...

Summer without Kate Moss on the cover of British Vogue simply isn’t summer. Isn’t this gorgeous? I decided after seeing some images on that very naughty Pinterest to buy a copy. The cover is quite busy which is a shame but the pink works, Kate captivates me and suddenly all I want to do is cavort around town, or at least my living room given that it’s been raining here in London, in a summer dress. Kate has so many critics but I won’t hear a word against this Patrick Demarchelier editorial. Not a word. British Vogue has me wanting a yacht in the Caribbean sea and I suddenly have an urge to spend £2457 on a swimsuit! I love the way they write ‘Model = Kate Moss’ in the credits section like she needs an introduction. It makes me giggle every time. This issue is very ‘now’ but that’s what Vogue is about. There’s an article about Jemima Kirke from ‘Girls’, photographs of what the so-called “IT girls” are wearing, the Richard Branson & Vivenne Westwood collaboration and some beautiful pieces in the Vogue Spy section. If you’re a fashion lover, this has everything you need.

Kate and Julianne

Oh Julianne Moore. Could the woman be more divine? Well, Madame Figaro sets about finding out. Though it kills me to pay £3.30 for a magazine which costs 1.50€, my French professor constantly tells me to read more French literature so voilà ! It’s an easy read: a lot of French goings-on, never-ending (and utterly wonderful) beauty features and Julianne frolicking around in Lanvin. Good times!

These days I spend so much time reading academic literature that my magazine moments tend to involve flicking through the pages whilst enjoying a cup of tea and then storing the magazine for years to come. I never realised just how different these magazines are and, more importantly, what my literature choices say about me.  Alas, no more time to reflect – back to reading about the Tokugawa shogunate for me.

Kate Moss for Love Magazine Spring 2013

I used to keep up with who the latest models were, who featured in which campaign and covered what magazine.  These days, I don’t know any of the younger models. They’re pretty and successful but nobody quite captivates like Kate.   I’ve bought issues of magazines in languages I cannot understand simply because her editorials took my breath away.  Today, the word ‘supermodel’ is thrown around far too often for my liking.  Perhaps I’m showing my age but when I hear “supermodel”, I think of Linda Evangelista,  Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova and London’s finest: Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kate Moss/Love Magazine issue where the woman isn’t cavorting around naked.  Some of the images, whilst artistic and beautiful, are a little too risqué for this arena so pick up a copy of the issue to see the full editorial.  Perfection.


A Touch of Britain

With Her Majesty’s Jubilee just days away, the UK is in full celebration mode.  The streets of London look amazing, filled with bunting and flags galore.  Expect nothing but pure, unadulterated Britishness on the blog over the Jubilee weekend.  I may even have a pot of Earl Grey with milk served with scones, of course!  Living on the edge!  The British edge.

Who better to start the weekend with than Kate Moss?  Mario Testino photographed her for an editorial in British Vogue’s October 2009 issue, and the result is amazing.



Kate Moss for Harper’s Bazaar US June/July 2012

Am I willing to pay three times the original price for an imported copy of the summer issue of Harper’s Bazaar US? Let’s look at the evidence: my favourite model sporting my ideal beauty combination of red lips and nails and photographed on my favourite Caribbean island – Jamaica. Time to pay up I think!

Surprisingly, this is a Terry Richardson shoot but putting my negative feelings of his work aside, this I like. I like it a lot. The editorial is split into two, with a more natural chilled out Caribbean vibe gearing up towards the high glamour you see here.  Image one reminds me of Debbie Harry.  Anybody else?

Oh Jamaica, I miss you… I miss the calm, the music, the fact the people have so little but are genuinely happy and so kind. I cannot wait to get back there. A very humbling place with the best food. If you haven’t been there, start planning a trip!

Follow my Pinterest folder ‘The Last Supermodel‘ for more Kate Moss clips.


Au Revoir, Ritz Paris

If ever there was a way to bid farewell to the Ritz Paris as it prepares to close for 27 months of renovations, this is it. My favourite model looks spectacular as she romps around the hotel under the watchful eye of Tim Walker. I love the image with Kate in the red: I recall sitting on that sofa in the Imperial Suite sipping champagne last year, and thinking what a phenomenal place to be, with views on to Place Vendôme. Needless to say, I wasn’t wearing anything quite as extravagant, but it was still a dream! I cannot wait to see the Ritz reformed to the glory it deserves.