A Paradoxical Moment


You know, yesterday was paradoxical for me: on one hand, I felt like the country I was born and raised in, the country I love like none other, failed me. I felt ashamed by the utter stupidity of the voters. There is no other way to explain their choice. Voters who have been consumed by lies, fear of The Other and this fanciful idea of a return to the Great British Empire. I’m telling you, these people need a reality check. They voted thinking Farage is going to save them! And these lies about the NHS… If there were no non-British workers – medical, admin, whatever – the NHS would collapse. Collapse! I’m pretty sure if I go to a benefits office on Monday morning, the majority of people will be British and of working age, so this idea that refugees seeking safety and opportunity to better themselves, that those escaping destruction we have had both hands (and feet) in creating, come here to steal, rape and use the taxpayers’ money belongs in the rubbish bin, along with their vote.  How many British-born, able people claim benefits yet have never worked? Hmmn… Why should they get access to my tax payments but not people who have risked their lives at sea, people with nothing, not even fresh water?  Nobody asks these questions because it’s always someone else’s fault. You don’t want to be dictated to by Brussels but you will listen to Nigel Farage and read the Daily Mail? Who are you people? Now people know why I’ve been as far as Australia but never really left London.

Now I’m sitting here thinking about the elderly Leave voters and wondering just what they’re going to do when they need help at home and a Polish or Nigerian carer comes to help. I don’t like the concept of karma, it seems quite cruel. We have all done wrong, and I only want to learn from my mistakes and become a better person. I have also had many wrongs done against me, mostly by people I have been close to; you cannot forget things but you just have to absorb the lessons and discard the negativity. I wouldn’t want these things done to the. I hope these voters learn the error of their ways and ignorance. Just when you think your granny might leave you her photo albums or jewellery, and this is what you get.
The builders on my road are mostly Eastern Europe, the academics I’ve met are a delightfully mixed group, the Turkish man at my local juice shop who calls everyone “darling” and the amazing students – British and otherwise –  I’ve engaged with through the years – imagine if they weren’t here.  Life would be very dull, the food would be bland and I would be less cultured, limited in my thinking and ignorant. Is this what we’re striving for here? What a mess!
I thought I would be happy to see Cameron go. Now I’m sitting here wondering about the alternatives. Osbourne? The man cannot even stand properly, let alone run a country. Boris was fun when he had no authority and would make ridiculous appearances with crazy hair and delightful diction on HIGNFY 15 years ago, but he has become bigoted, incoherent and, let’s face it, anybody being referred to as the ‘British Trump’ is not someone you want representing this country.
On the other hand, in my own little bubble, I had an amazing day. I started my day with an early morning Skype chat with a friend living in Hong Kong, I worked out with a new trainer, had an eucalyptus steam, treated myself at Ferragamo, a friend visiting from Asia invited me to lunch and, as he’d just stopped off in Iran, he came bearing all sorts of sweet delicacies including lavashak and sohan, and then I returned home to a letter from a friend living in the US. In times like these, I am so glad I am able to seek solace in my own little world of happiness.
Our world is collapsing. We can all work together, smile at each other and offer mutual kindness and respect. The politicians aren’t going to help you, me or even themselves. We have to remain united, correctly informed, use basic common sense and remain open, and when it all gets too much, go home, close the shutters and make some tea. It’s the only way.


  1. Stephanie
    26 June 2016 / 05:42

    So wonderful to read your thoughts on Brexit! Thank you for sharing your perspective, and frustration. I could easily do a similar post about politics in my neck of the woods – we would run though some of the same questions. Such as, who are these voters??! Sigh. It’s not a good time for politics. Do you think we will have a Golden Age in our time?

    • Not Just Another Milla
      8 July 2016 / 16:05

      It’s not a good time for politics. It’s not a good time for us. Chaos and tragedy have consumed our societies, and nobody knows how to address these challenges. As baffling as it is, we have it easy compared to what is going on in other parts of the world.

  2. Pat
    12 July 2017 / 13:42

    I feel the same away about USA! The only difference is that I’m not shocked at my country! Your post was quite thoughtful.. Thank you.

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