Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych, London

Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych Not Just Another Milla - Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych The joys of afternoon tea know no bounds here in London so imagine my delight at not only being at one of my favourite hotels with my mother, but also enjoying a very British menu. With my mum’s favourites,Welsh rarebit and rather posh quail Scotch eggs, a plenty, One Aldwych delighted us all afternoon. I don’t eat eggs (childhood fear in full swing…) but my mum gobbled them down noting the spiced sausage meat and soft yolk, whilst I tucked into traditional cucumber sandwiches amidst the chic surroundings and pretty floral arrangements. 

I’ve been back in the UK for six months now and every time I see something uniquely British, I’m reminded of arguably the best decision I ever made: coming home. It sounds a little dramatic but seeing slices of Battenberg cake made me ridiculously giddy. Maybe because it reminds me of being a happy little child, making cute can-I-have-another-slice eyes at my mother after school. Much to my surprise, nobody outside of this wee island seems to know what it is. It is a checkered sponge cake covered in marzipan and perfect with a pot of tea.  If you haven’t tried it, do! The brownies were rich and the carrot cake flavoursome but unfortunately we couldn’t finish everything. If there’s one thing to be said about One Aldwych, they sure know how to feed you!

It pains me to say something negative given how delicious everything was but serving scones at room temperature was a disappointment.  They need to be warm for me to fully enjoy them. That said, with lashings of clotted cream and jam, I simply couldn’t resist eating one, or was it three?  I can’t quite remember…

Not Just Another Milla was a guest of One Aldwych.

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  1. Lili2012
    9 July 2012 / 13:09

    Oh I don’t know…very few people in the UK know what Stollen is. Why should British food, culture etc be familiar to non-Brits?
    On another note, everything looks lovely.

    • Not Just Another Milla
      9 July 2012 / 13:17

      Stollen is lovely! Oh, one of my favourites in the festive season and that’s coming from a non-German. I didn’t suggest that anybody should know about British food and culture, I merely commented that I am surprised that so few people do because I find it so delicious. One could compare scones with Battenberg cake – everybody seems to know about them. Taking things out of context is a choice.

  2. 10 July 2012 / 05:12

    Thanks for dropping by parisbreakfast and the great tip on Gobelins
    I’m tempted to try today if I can make it.
    If anyone knows how to get in you do!
    merci carolg

  3. 10 July 2012 / 11:22

    You are trying to kill me. I’m convinced that brownie close up shot was designed to make me INCREDIBLY jealous! Well mission accomplished!! I have never tried Welsh rarebit or Scotch eggs but I’m open. I do however love carrot cake, brownies, clotted cream and scones! I agree-scones should be warm. I have not heard of Battenberg cake but I like the idea! Sounds and looks delish!

    • Not Just Another Milla
      14 July 2012 / 08:58

      No, I don’t think I am.

      Well, next time you visit, bring a notebook because we will be going on a culinary tour! I haven’t made carrot cake for years – I should get on that… Have you baked any more macarons?

      • 15 July 2012 / 10:07

        Consider “culinary tour” on the top of my to do list! No more baking but I did buy 8 yesterday at the French festival…..yum!

        • Not Just Another Milla
          17 July 2012 / 21:19

          The ‘eat your way around London’ tour begins in January 2013 🙂 Loved your pics from the festival.

  4. 10 July 2012 / 13:57

    Oh my word, so delicious! What a lucky girl, to be surrounded by so many wonderful places for tea! Hope you’re enjoying your summer, Milla … wish I was sitting and chatting with you over tea here! xox

    Illustrator Sandy M

    • Not Just Another Milla
      14 July 2012 / 08:56

      There are many things we do well in the UK, but Afternoon Tea tops it! You must come visit Sandy – London would love to have you here!

      I hope everything is going well with you!


  5. 11 July 2012 / 04:41

    oh, I didn’t know what Battenberg cake is! It truly sounds delicious!! the close-ups of the food are amazing! everything looks so tasty and good! too bad the scones weren’t hot!

    • Not Just Another Milla
      14 July 2012 / 08:49

      Cold scones are a no-no for me. They should have that wonderful fresh-from-the-oven feel and smell.

  6. 11 July 2012 / 14:50

    One Aldwych has just gone right to the top of my list for my next visit back home Milla. Scotch eggs and battenburg cake? DONE.

    • Not Just Another Milla
      14 July 2012 / 08:47

      So British, right? Definitely a place to go!

  7. 11 July 2012 / 16:20

    Hi I found you through a retweet my Andrea..Destination Europe… I am pleased that you and your mum enjoyed your Afternoon Tea 🙂 But I will agree with you, the Scones should be served warm.

    I got a bit confused abouthe Stollen though .. I know what it is and so do quite a few brits I know . And we LOVE it too .. I am sure that lots of people are familiar with the British foods ,but haven’t tried them. Just out of curiosty where are you from .

    As for Batternburg cake , it is British with a German style …

    The markings on our Emergency Vehicles are called Batternburg markings due to the similarity of the Batternburg cake …. This country is mad 🙂

    Hope that you continue to enjoy your stay in England.

    • Not Just Another Milla
      14 July 2012 / 08:46

      Thank you for your email Anne!

      I’m from London but have lived abroad for the last 11 or so years, and am now back ‘home’ exploring all the wonderful treats the city has to offer.

      Battenberg cake is divine and so pretty! I think many people know about many things unrelated to the culture. The idea that this is not the case is absurd. That’s the great thing about food – as well as being delicious, it can also open your mind to different cultures.

  8. 14 July 2012 / 11:17

    I really enjoyed reading about your Afternoon Tea experience, Milla and your pictures are beautiful.

    a) Is that clotted cream on the brownies? Hmmm, maybe not. Cream, perhaps?

    b) I *love* Welsh Rarebit. Mini Rarebits. What a great idea for Afternoon Tea.

    c) Scotch Eggs? YES! Love ’em!

    d) I am one of those who prefers scones at room temperature. I don’t like the way that clotted cream melts when spread on a warm scone. But our differences are what makes the world go round!

    Great post.

  9. 14 July 2012 / 18:43

    I want to personally thank you for inspiring/convincing me on the wonders of afternoon tea! I’ve just had one at TWG Tea (also available at Harrods, London) and I can’t wait to blog about it soon!

    PS: What is that in photo #7?

  10. 31 October 2012 / 17:29

    Looks lovely. Your posts are giving me lots of ideas for when I’m in London again in November! Thank you! 🙂

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