Coffee Break | Càfê RuNam, Hanoi, Vietnam


Located between a Buddhist Temple and the enormous St Joseph’s Cathedral, RuNam, afforded me my first experience of Vietnamese coffee. Have read about the role of the humble coffee bean in transforming the Vietnamese economy, I was eager to try some for myself.

With an extensive menu including matcha lattes, iced coffee and a variety of loose tea, I opted for the traditional Vietnamese style coffee. Served with condensed milk on the side, the coffee had a very unique taste and smell – almost smoked, if you like.  I do not care for sweetened hot drinks but with the intensity of the coffee, the addition of condensed milk was delicious (and necessary).  The staff members were very friendly, happy to speak to me in English about the cafe and just really welcoming. Given my jet-lagged, I’ve-only-been-here-for-14-hours look, I really appreciated when the one of the employees came over to me with the newspaper written in English without being asked. These little moments of kindness and inclusive weave through my Vietnamese adventure. Although I only happened upon the café because I had been at the temple, it seemed clear to me that RuNam is firmly on coffee lovers radar.


The cafe was filled with a cultural mix of tourists and locals and, just to put it in context, the cost of my coffee and biscuits was the same price as I paid the previous night for dinner of a bowl of chicken pho and a beer. By the time but convert to pounds it’s very inexpensive but pretty prices by local standards.

The company have another branch in Ho Chi Minh City, roast their own beans and they have a lovely selection of “high-end glassware coffee and tea available for purchase. I thought that this kind of café – offerings and décor – wouldn’t have been out of place in London. If you’re in Hanoi, stop by!

Càfê RuNam
13 Nhà Thờ, Hà Nội
+84 (4) 39 286697


    • Not Just Another Milla
      8 July 2016 / 16:26

      Thank you, Lou.

      Books, really good coffee and a calm environment in which to savour these moments. Small pleasures are the best.

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