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Well, it’s been a while since I posted a fashion editorial because a. I haven’t seen anything I like and b. am beyond bored of reading about the same campaign/editorial/stylist. Who knew it would be Elle Canada to get me out of my fashion funk? Absolutely loving this quirky chic editorial, which already has me thinking about Winter style. 



    • Milla
      15 August 2011 / 08:50

      I’ve never really paid attention to Canadian magazines, but the few editorials I’ve fallen for all come from Elle. Keeping my eyes open.

  1. 15 August 2011 / 02:03

    I love the last image in this post – tailoring, prints, and a fabulous hat. Cute editorial indeed, and yes, lots of Autumn Winter inspiration here. I’m ready to bring the layers back now!! Enough of the NY humidity already. Also love the red wool pants here, I could just make out the name in the picture so I’m going to explore this brand a bit more. I am very happy to see Elle embracing bouffant hair. Something that I can always achieve with my mass of curls 🙂

    • Milla
      15 August 2011 / 08:42

      I rarely wear trousers but this editorial has me hooked! The retro simplicity to it all just works, and is a refreshing break from what I’ve seen elsewhere.

      PS – your hair is insanely gorgeous!

  2. 15 August 2011 / 08:36

    How very retro-chic! Well done ELLE Canada.

    • Milla
      15 August 2011 / 08:37

      I particularly like the last image – the blue is perfection!

  3. 15 August 2011 / 09:24

    um, I LOVE THIS. I have to say I’m loving the return of the burgundy and navy and forest greens …it SO reminds me of the 90’s!

  4. Sarah
    15 August 2011 / 12:23

    Go Canada!!! I can tell you that while I am nowhere NEAR that stylish, I will claim that surely some of that should rub off on me….even though I’m not in Canada, surely there’s something like osmosis from just being Canadian non? 🙂

    • Milla
      17 August 2011 / 11:13

      Autumn fashion is going to be Legend. Wait for it… Dery! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

  5. 23 August 2011 / 17:19

    So loving this!

    Elle Canada, who knew indeed, eh!

    • Milla
      24 August 2011 / 11:41

      Doesn’t it just scream “Autumn”? The quirky style and deep colours really work.

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