Milla’s Travels: Daddy’s Garden of Eden, Jamaica

My father is an avid gardener and when he retired 7 years ago and moved back to Jamaica, he set about relaxing and planting a fabulous garden.  During our trip to Jamaica, we enjoyed breakfast sitting in the garden, basking in the sun and enjoying freshly picked fruit.  There’s something so amazing about picking your own food from a tree in your garden only to eat it a few minutes later. Growing in my dad’s garden we found pumpkin, mango, coconuts, gungo peas, cherries, aloe vera, bananas, ackee, a variety of different apples (including sweetsop), guava and papaya plus many more delicious things.


  1. 12 November 2010 / 13:01


    • Milla
      12 November 2010 / 13:08



      • 15 November 2010 / 15:03

        hahaaa…looking forward to it!

  2. 12 November 2010 / 13:30

    How delicious!! What a lovely post to Milla. Your blog is a scrapbook of memories for you from that awesome trip.

    • Milla
      13 November 2010 / 11:36

      Thank you Cupcake! I love looking at the photographs because it was such a wonderful trip full of love and discovery. Really had a great time, and the food what insanely good.


  3. 12 November 2010 / 23:10

    Milla, you are going to need a BIG boat because I want to go too!!!!!! “Daddy’s Garden of Eden” is right, this looks like heaven on earth! I have eaten freshly picked fruit before but there is something so tempting about these beautiful exotic ones… Plus your dad’s house is adorable! You really are blessed, having to travel from Paris to either Jamaica or London to visit the folks!! Please keep sharing your wonderful moments from this trip, your lovely stories are buoying me in the cold right now. xx

    • Milla
      13 November 2010 / 11:47

      A boat trip across the Atlantic and down through through the Caribbean sea sounds just blissful! When shall we go? I get back to Paris on Monday so am free then : )

      Thank you for your lovely words K, much appreciated!


  4. 13 November 2010 / 12:11

    me four…or five!!! take me too. You are a spitting image of your dad. lovely post M. whats the name of the first right? i cant say i have seen anything like it …

    • Milla
      13 November 2010 / 15:07

      A girlie trip to Jamaica sounds like fun!

      People have been saying that me all my life but I can’t see it!! Haha : )

      It’s called ‘sweetsop’ and is delicious. The interior is grainy like a pear, but smooth and liquid-like. It’s very sweet but really strange looking. I also ate ‘dragon fruit’ for the first time but gobbled it up before getting my camera out.

  5. 14 November 2010 / 14:54

    So we sail this Tuesday? I’ll get the stripey sweaters!

    • Milla
      15 November 2010 / 10:06

      All aboard! A champagne and exotic fruit cruise sounds divine, doesn’t it?

      We’re already planning next year’s trip : )


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