A day of rest (almost)

My favourite magazines on a Sunday afternoon

Up until two months ago, my weekly rule was that Friday was my day of rest. A day to go to the cinema, for a manicure, to catch up with my reading, to find a new café to photograph and to generally relax without being surrounded by academic literature. With exams to study for, essays to submit, playing tour guide for visiting friends and trying to research postgraduate programmes, there has been very little down time for me. My nails are a mess, I have eighteen back issues of The Economist stacked up waiting to be read and I’ve completely lost touch with what’s happening around. I’ve even committed the cardinal sin of making plans and not following through, which is pretty rubbish.

Sunday sencha

Yesterday afternoon I decided enough was enough. Laptop and Kanji guides away, some alone time with this week’s The Economist, the FT weekend edition, New Scientist (my inner geek broke free) and adding a little glamour, July’s British Harper’s Bazaar was needed. Sunday afternoon bliss before I gave in to that niggling feeling that my time with Simon Kuper‘s articles needed to come to a rapid end and headed back to the library to prepare for my Japanese presentation on Wednesday. Wish me luck as another set of weeklies head to the ‘to read’ pile.


  1. 17 June 2013 / 11:31

    And a pot of perfect green tea…
    Quiet time is so important. I call it QT for short, haha!

    • Not Just Another Milla
      19 June 2013 / 11:10

      Enjoying a little QT right now… 🙂

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