Instagram | June 2015

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageJune has been a delight: my stressful days, sleepless nights and irritated why-are-people-talking-in-the-library mindset seem like a lifetime away – my exams ended earlier this month with a Japanese paper of horrors. On the upside, my studies have almost come to a close (2 days to go…), my holiday departure date is almost upon me and that restless feeling is starting to creep in. What to do, what to do… Come early August I will be desperate to get back to the library and those insane ideas of learning another language will start popping into my head again. But, at least for now, time to relax and enjoy a much-less pressured few months.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my life: consumed by seemingly endless reading lists, intense exam preparation, trying to focus on where I want to be in 7 years time rather than here and now and, rather embarrassingly, what manicure colour I’ll be choosing next week. I’m not so proud of the last one… I recently decided that I want to get involved (on a community level) and help others;  I volunteered with Amnesty International at London Pride over the weekend. It was an amazing experience – I met so many inspiring, brave people full of joy and kindness.  London is an amazing city and, having been fortunate to have lived in a few other cities across the world, I have to say it doesn’t get more wonderfully diverse than here. My city did me proud with music, rainbows, glitter and mutual respect for everybody. I loved it! I am still searching for an on-going volunteer position (particularly in relation to human rights/women studies) so if you know of anything available, please let me know.

I ate some good food this month (to be blogged…): the vegetarian heaven also known as Ethos (we may have high-fixed at the sight of fried plantain…), my Capriccios (olive, ham and artichoke) pizza at Princi was a thing of dreams, the Darjeeling Lalani & Co tea at Thomas’s, my mushroom toast at Le Pain Quotidien and that dessert platter at the Wellington Lounge. Delicious and pretty. May each month be like this!

Yet another month of great food, giggles and gratitude for all that is my life. Roll on next month! In the meantime, join me on Instagram!



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