Literature | Dark Days

‘The educational system in this country is, in short, designed to destroy the black child. It does not matter whether it destroys him by stoning him in the ghetto or by driving him mad in the isolation of Harvard. It is an absolute wonder and an overwhelming witness to the power of the human spirit that any black person in this country has managed to become, in any way whatever, educated.‘
Dark Days by James Baldwin

How tragic that Baldwin wrote this in 1980, before I was born, and this is still the dire state of the USA. It’s no secret, I would struggle to speak positively about the US. I’ve always been particularly perplexed by the inhumanity of its healthcare system and the cost of education. Baldwin’s words hit hard. Your family either has the means to pay tens of thousands of dollars or, like the majority, you end up saddled with shocking levels of debt before graduation. For many, this simply isn’t an option, and they forgo potential professional/life advancement, and often replicate cycles they sought to break.

One would think a more educated population serves the needs of all, but I’ve come to realise that the inaccessibility of said education is yet another means of oppression and division. A developing country, as I always say.

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