Home-made Lemon Curd

I was invited to the lovely little birthday party last night of a really nice American lady I met a few weeks ago, where I happened to meet some seriously cool chicks, including some Brits and even more amazing, a fellow Londoner!

Anyhow, as you know, I’m all about baking so I decided, with the help of one of the best Christmas presents ever – The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook – (thanks mummy!) to make cupcakes. I chose two varieties but they’ll come later. For one of them, I needed lemon curd. Off I went to Monoprix to stock up on some flour, butter and lemon curd, which I couldn’t it anywhere. Don’t the French eat lemon curd!? As I walked up & down looking at jams and getting flustered, I was overcome by shame and found myself thinking

You’re not really going to buy lemon curd, are you?!”

Shame Milla, shame!

So I made a detour en route home to stock up on lemons to make what it quite simply the quickest and most delicious lemon curd around. The reality is that like most things, nothing tastes as good as something made fresh and with love.


Grated zest and juice of 2 large juicy lemons

2 large eggs

175 g golden caster sugar

110 g unsalted butter (at room temperature)

  • Begin by lightly whisking the eggs in a medium-sized saucepan, then add the rest of the ingredients and place the saucepan over a medium heat.
  • Now whisk continuously using a balloon whisk until the mixture thickens – about 7-8 minutes. Next, lower the heat to its minimum setting and let the curd gently simmer for a further minute, continuing to whisk. After that, remove it from the heat.
  • Now pour the lemon curd into the hot, sterilised jars, filling them as full as possible and cover straight away. I used a 370 g Bonne Maman jar and the contents fit perfectly.
  • It will keep for several weeks, but it must be stored in the fridge.

Tell me that isn’t the easiest thing you’ve ever made. It is so tangy, sweet and beeping delicious, particularly on some toast post-pilates.


  1. 12 February 2011 / 12:24

    Yummy Milla! Eve would be all over that. Lemon pie is her fav and even asked for that instead of a birthday cake. Must try this one!

    • Milla
      12 February 2011 / 18:24

      Oh Cupcake, do try this for little Eve! It’s so tasty and keeps well in the fridge! I keep going to my fridge with a spoon.


  2. 12 February 2011 / 14:03

    You resourceful domestic goddess! You make it seem so easy! x

    • Milla
      12 February 2011 / 18:22

      K, it is not just easy but so delicious! I just had some on a slice of toast. Fabulous! x

  3. 12 February 2011 / 21:30

    ooo, a love lemony stuff, I might make this as well. I actually never tried lemon curd, even while I was living in London. I think I was afraid I was gonna like it and it’s going to become another fatty sugary thing I love :-PPP


    • Milla
      13 February 2011 / 20:25

      Maya, I warn you: it is addictive so make with caution! You can adjust the sugar to make it as sweet or tart as you like. I love lemon curd, and I tell you, home-made is the best. You get the freshest lemon taste ever!


  4. 12 February 2011 / 21:44

    One word: Mmmmm!
    Seriously, I love lemon curd! Lemon anything really. I had a lovely little lemon tartlette this afternoon in Cap Ferrat and I was thinking “I can make this!!!” I think I will.
    I’ve never made lemon curd so maybe, when the sun has come back to our little corner of France, I’ll make up a batch! Merci!!!

    • Milla
      13 February 2011 / 20:26

      Tanya, home-made lemon tarts sound fab! I need to work on my pastry skills… Please do share your recipe and photos when you’ve made it!


  5. Pat
    13 February 2011 / 02:28

    Thanks for this.. do you think real sugar can be substitute for the fake stuff, to some degree of success?

    • Milla
      13 February 2011 / 20:22

      I’m not really a fan of fake sugar. Chemicals scare me a lot more than calories. You could try with solidified honey but obviously the taste would be different. Let me know how it goes : )


      • Pat
        14 February 2011 / 06:54

        I know. I don’t eat sugar on a regular basis. I eat low carb.. so I was wondering, if I substituted Tuvia, or Splenda, made from sugar and ‘supposedly’ not harmful, I could incorporate it into my plan.. I won’t have any real sugar or starch until May.
        Will let you know!

  6. 13 February 2011 / 19:04

    Hi 🙂 love this! yum! will have to have a go!!! 🙂


    • Milla
      13 February 2011 / 19:58

      Go on: simple, inexpensive and leave the kitchen smelling lemon-y! It makes me think of the British countryside in summer time.


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