Nessie’s Christmas

Visiting my mum is always great not just we get to catch up (or because she still treats me like a baby – love it!) but because I also get to spend sometime with my baby brother and our family cats Pickle and Neska.  Now, Pickle is 17-years old and so over Christmas but wee Nessie, at 3-years old, still wants to have fun.  Initially, she was scared of the decorations so spent 20 minutes just staring at them before trying to pull the tree down.  Seriously, she needs to just chill out! Later she decided to play a Meerkat and had everybody gushing at her cuteness.  As you may remember, she likes shoes and wasted no time taking possession of mine as soon as I arrived.  Love her!



  1. 21 December 2010 / 12:19

    17 year old cat!! Holy! I guess cat’s live way longer than dogs. That’s amazing. Cute pics Milla!

    • Milla
      21 December 2010 / 12:41

      Yes!! Pickle has led a charmed life of gourmet food, hugs and freedom. She never liked Nessie when we first got but now that she’s calmed down (a little), things are good.


    • Milla
      21 December 2010 / 17:50

      I know! I miss my little moggies : )

  2. 21 December 2010 / 15:11

    Cutest cat… I like both cats and dogs, just a bit more dogs, but cats are also so so so wonderful. 🙂 and btw this one looks chic! 🙂


    • Milla
      21 December 2010 / 18:02

      I like dogs too but I grew up with cats. Adore them : )

    • Milla
      22 December 2010 / 11:13

      Love my little one : )

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