Once upon a time, there was a little girl…

…Who grew up to love coordinated ensembles, order and strawberries!

My dad is a keen gardener, and we had a strawberry patch at the back of our garden.  I remember playing outside as my dad tended to his flowers and our plum-tree.  It only just dawned on me that my favourite fruit and vegetables – tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, apples and plums – are the ones my dad grew when I was a wee girl.  Rather sweet actually.

My mum dressed me well – with matching socks and hair-bands, which I think explains my matchy-matchy style now.  Oh bless my mum, she’s just the best!  Did you see my pram?  Haha, it’s insane!  I love it so much, though I think 12 babies could have easily fit inside!

I went to Catholic school since the age of 4.  It was fabulous!  I have such good memories (especially of milk and biscuits in the afternoon) and absolutely loved my uniform.  In the UK, the church and the state are joined so children attending some form of Christian school (with mandatory uniform) is common.  In France, all religious school are private.  I think that’s rather unfortunate, and somehow segregate communities.  Today, in 2010, all religions live side-by-side and we must teach tolerance and respect to our youngsters. I don’t know, just seems odd to me.  There is a lovely little Jewish school near my house and last week it was under armed guard because some beeping idiot had made violent anti-Semitic threats. How can you make threats against children?  How can you make threats against anyone based on their beliefs?  I will never understand such utter stupidity.  It really upsets me.  I’ve completed digressed…  Let’s get back to my cute baby photographs : )

I love that my mum photographed me in the garden with a tea-cup (it was probably juice but you never know…).  I’m the queen of tea!

Happy Saturday!


  1. everydayglamour
    18 September 2010 / 13:17

    Adorable! Thank you for sharing, Milla.

    • Milla
      18 September 2010 / 21:42

      Thank you Kate – childhood fun!

  2. dana
    18 September 2010 / 15:10

    awwwwww how cuuuuuute!!!!!

    • Milla
      18 September 2010 / 21:41


  3. 18 September 2010 / 17:48

    Milla, you are the cutest little girl in the world!!!! Love, love, love, thanks for sharing these wonderful memories with us, your lucky readers. Bisous

    • Milla
      18 September 2010 / 22:03

      Merci K! Sharing good memories with friends is always a pleasure!

  4. Milla
    18 September 2010 / 22:40

    Can you believe I was that tiny?! Madness!!

  5. 19 September 2010 / 17:38

    I mailed you already telling you were soooo cute and in my opinion (from what I’ve seen) your face has hardly changed!

    • Milla
      19 September 2010 / 19:19

      LCT, you might just be my sweetest new friend! Thank you so much!

  6. 20 September 2010 / 21:00

    AWH! Look at the widdle baby!!!!

    So precious! And of course, still rockin’ some fab red kicks even back in the day 😉

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