Brioche et chocolat chaud chez Angelina, Paris

Chocolat chaud Whipped cream Chocolate + cream Toasted brioche and jam Brioche and apricot jam Angelina Angelina tinsA visit to La Maison Angelina simply isn’t complete without indulging in a pot of chocolat chaud. In true French style, breakfast was rich, heavenly and presented beautifully. Complete with whipped cream and buttery brioche served with lashings of apricot jam, I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed breakfast quite as much. It was all rather indulgent for a woman who usually eats fruit and drinks sencha for breakfast mais, c’était les vacances !

226 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
+33 1 42 60 82 00



  1. 22 April 2014 / 06:01

    The Chocolate Chaud at Angeline’s is one of my favorite memories from Paris. It’s a classic!

  2. 22 April 2014 / 20:12

    Ooooh, yummy! I know from experience that they do one incredibly fine hot chocolate, but now I want to go back because now I want the brioche too. I feel like I missed out on something important!
    *kisses* H

  3. 9 May 2014 / 08:44

    You know, Milla, I think I now understand how caffeine addicts feel without their daily cup of coffee in the mornings: inability to focus and think straight etc. because now I feel that way if I don’t have chocolate. I can bid my journey to a bikini body goodbye.

    La Maison Angelina’s chocolate chaud is probably #1 in my itinerary when I visit Paris some day…

    PS: There is a new coffee place near my house where cotton candy is used in place of whipped cream, and your photos has reminded me to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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