Prestige Seasonal Tea Library at Brown’s Hotel, London

 I’m awfully embarrassed to say this was my first time to Brown’s Hotel but what better occasion than tea-tasting. Having joined forces with Lalani & Co, a British tea trading company, Brown’s is now offering a unique selection of tea brewed in Billy Lloyd tea pots served with their afternoon tea. Giving the ole cup and saucer a break, the tea is served in ridiculously chic crystal glassware from Riedel. So very Mayfair!

What appeals to me most is that Lalani & Co work directly with local producers which further aids sustainability, and in today’s climate this is so important. We have to protect our planet and keep small businesses going, so working in partnership with producers is a good way forward. These organic teas from across the world – Nepal, Japan, the Himalayas, India etc – are seasonally picked to ensure tea enthusiasts like myself get the best flavour at the right time of year.

I really thought I knew a lot about tea and have no qualms about labelling myself a tea snob, however, following a discussion with two of the founders, it has become quite clear that I am a mere amateur. Needless to say, I’m counting the days until the Japanese teas are available at Brown’s so I can mix indulgence and education over scones, copious amounts of green tea and champagne. This is Mayfair after all.

PS – yet more Battenberg cake!


  1. 17 July 2012 / 16:27

    Just when I was done editing photos of TWG Tea! The post will be up tomorrow.

    I can’t consider myself a tea snob as of yet (I usually order iced herbal Chinese tea or just regular Chinese tea whenever I eat out) but I absolutely love green tea (genmaicha is my favourite so far) and I just had chocolate tea at TWG Tea. I have a long way to go 😉

    • Not Just Another Milla
      17 July 2012 / 17:51

      You know what that means? Given our time difference, your tea post will be up when I wake up = breakfast reading! Thank you Aggie 🙂

    • Not Just Another Milla
      17 July 2012 / 22:09

      The cake is called Battenberg and it’s divine! I’m still trying to find the perfect place for us to do Afternoon tea next month.

  2. 17 July 2012 / 23:02

    That little tart with the berries looks beautiful!! Also, I must try this Bettenberg cake!

    • Not Just Another Milla
      18 July 2012 / 08:23

      I could have easily gobbled everything up. Oh wait a minute, I did!

  3. 18 July 2012 / 01:47

    I am noting this recent interest in the battenburg cake. It may well result in getting my mum to send me a care parcel of the thing! Your photos get better and better Milla. I had the best green tea in Austin the other day, reminded me to check out some new varieties, I think there is a shop in SoHo to visit – any recommendations for a green tea with a ‘toasted’ taste, let me know.

    • Not Just Another Milla
      18 July 2012 / 08:22

      I completely forgot about Battenberg cake and now every time I see it,I just feel so happy. One of those childhood foods (and so British).

      Yes, try Genmaicha. Kate of Everyday Glamour swears by it so maybe ask her if she a particularly good Japanese brand to recommend.

    • Not Just Another Milla
      24 July 2012 / 09:00


    • Not Just Another Milla
      24 July 2012 / 09:01

      Come for tea in London, you’re always welcome!

  4. 20 July 2012 / 07:30

    Lovely visit to Brown’s, Milla! Nothing like afternoon tea in London. Thanks for stopping by Paris by Two. best, Georgianna

    • Not Just Another Milla
      24 July 2012 / 09:02

      Merci Geogianna !

  5. CinZilicious
    22 July 2012 / 14:35

    I love tea too but im by no mean a tea expert!!! Earl Grey and green tea are one of my faves. But my question is – was the afternoon tea food any good? hehehe

    Btw, i never knew what Battenberg cake was so i googled it, hehehe…thanks for expanding my food knowledge=) It’s always such a delight to discover new things in the food/dessert/drink world!!!


    • Not Just Another Milla
      23 July 2012 / 21:26

      Knowledge is power (or food recipes to women like us!). Battenberg is so divine and so pretty, right? Youmust be able to find it in HK.

  6. 6 August 2012 / 00:35

    Looks so good!
    I love afternoon teas. I wish I spent more time in London so I could’ve tried more of them there..have you been to the Sanderson Hotel for it? I went there and loved it

    • Not Just Another Milla
      6 August 2012 / 10:54

      You have to come back; there is still so much to see. Yes, I love the Sanderson! They do the best martinis. I haven’t done afternoon tea there yet though. I stayed there recently and will feature it on the blog soon.

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