Straight Talk About Gay Marriage

I want to preface by saying that maybe you won’t like what I have to say.  Maybe you’ll be offended and think I’m too liberal.  Maybe you’ll want to write a hateful comment and stop reading my blog.  If that’s the case, you really shouldn’t be here.  I’m not pro this or pro that, I’m pro people.  If you can’t deal with that, you have a major problem.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m outspoken, quite the reverse actually.  However, some things are just unacceptable to me and inequality is one of them. For some many years people have had to fight for their right to express themselves, to vote, to work, to be considered human even.  I don’t need to agree but I need to understand.  I can tolerant conflicting opinions, as long as they make sense.  Inequality makes no sense to me.  I really cannot understand why in 2010, people of a different gender, ethnicity, religion and other personal-none-of-anybody’s-beeping-business information are not only discriminated against by ignorant people, but by actual laws and governments in so-called free, democratic countries like the UK – my country.  I shouldn’t really be surprised should I?  I am.

Even the question “Should Gay people be allowed to marry?” is so offensive to me.  Gay people aren’t another species, they’re the same as heterosexual people and singling them out is wrong and just stupid.  I’m married and I know how much hard work it is, and I also know how wonderful it feels.  How can we deny such happiness to other people?  We, as adults, have a job to do. We cannot rely on our governments to educate our children and protect our people.  We cannot even allow our government to protect our civil liberties and push for a greater understanding into humanity – we cannot entrust our governments with such responsibility.  They do not care.   It is down to us, you and I – the people.  So I ask that all of you who read this try to open your minds and spread kindness, tolerance (if not acceptance) and respect to your fellow-man.  This is greater than Gay marriage – this is about all of us.

Not keen on the use of the F-word so much, especially with the little ones but I understand why.

A huge thank-you to my dear friend Leah for sending me this video.


    • Milla
      17 October 2010 / 09:00

      Everybody is entitled to happiness, right?


  1. everydayglamour
    16 October 2010 / 13:28

    Milla, I agree with you! Good job!

    • Milla
      17 October 2010 / 09:11

      Great Kate – it’s so important to live and let live. Do you find that people are more open-minded in New York? I did, and it was one of the best things about the city.


      • everydayglamour
        18 October 2010 / 13:34

        Yes, New York is the bomb. 😉

  2. 16 October 2010 / 13:41

    Agree milla! I have many gay friends, some in 20 year relationships that r every bit a marriage. We need to protect the rights of all.

    • Milla
      17 October 2010 / 09:25

      Exactly – we all need to protect and support each other. Such ignorance is unacceptable these days. Thanks for commenting Cupcake.

  3. CinZilicious
    16 October 2010 / 15:36

    totally agree:) We are all of equal rights!!! i met a few great/friendly gay peeps when i was in London and i dont see anything wrong with gay marriages. i mean, while im as straight as can be (lol), i think its nobody’s freakin business or concern as to who other people should marry to. Great post Milla!


    • Milla
      17 October 2010 / 09:57

      I have a greater issue with people squeezing into shoes 2 sizes too small than 2 people who love each other wanting to commit to each other. Funny but true.


  4. 1 November 2010 / 13:35

    i’m not totally against gay marriage, coz gay persons need to be happy to ,,

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