Sunday Comforts

There’s something so comforting about a steaming bowl of porridge, and that’s just how I started my day. Made with oat milk, cinnamon and maple syrup and topped with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I always find porridge is really filling so I skipped lunch and made a smoothie with five strawberries, one banana and the juice of one orange late afternoon. 

There’s something relaxing about zesting lemons, and combined with a Sunday sugar craving, vegan lemon cupcakes were a must. I used vegetable oil instead of butter but I’m not very happy with how they turned out: a little flat and oily, but taste-wise, delicious. Do you have any recommendations for vegan baking? I added fresh thyme and lemon juice to icing sugar to give oomph to the cupcakes. Served with a pot of green tea and yes, they’re almost finished!

How did you spend your weekend?


    • 21 March 2012 / 11:11

      And so quick and easy as well!

  1. 19 March 2012 / 03:54

    hi milla! all of this looks fantastic! so yummy + comforting!
    so your lemon zest was put to good use i see! {saw your
    tweet today} 😉 😉
    hope your weekend was a lovely one.

    • 21 March 2012 / 11:08

      Indeed it did! How is your week going Kristina? I’m so busy but am thinking about all the nice things I can bake with the Spring produce.

      Have a great Wednesday!


  2. 19 March 2012 / 12:28

    Yumsville! This all looks incredible! I’ll have to try and whip one of these up…the strawberry smoothie in particular. I’m a sucker for anything with fresh strawberries.

    This weekend, we drove out to Le Vieux Saint-Maur for lunch where the server messed up our order and was not only apologetic but offered us a free desert at the end of our meal! We thought we had driven out to America by mistake! It was nice to leave Paris for the afternoon.

    Happy Monday to you. : )

    • 21 March 2012 / 11:07

      Oh you do make me giggle and I have to ask, was this waiter French!? I miss French food so much but no, not missing that I’m-doing-you-a-favour-by-waiting-on-you-despite-it-being-my-job attitude.

      One of the worst things about winter is the lack of strawberries. I’m making up for lost time and gobbling up as many as I can!

      Have a great week!

  3. 19 March 2012 / 12:48

    Vegetable oil for butter? I’m not experienced in baking, but won’t you miss out on the milky/creamy flavour in your pastries?

    Btw I spent my weekend at the office (a couple of hours), then the rest of it catching up on sleep :/

    • 21 March 2012 / 10:51

      It’s quite a common replacement so dairy-free peeps can enjoy desserts but I just found it grease. I will try again with coconut oil, which is tastier and allegedly easier to use.

  4. days
    20 March 2012 / 09:52

    I often go to my favorite cafe or go shopping my favorite tea every weekend. the tea is Mariage Frères which is Marco polo rouge,the des Impressionnistes..and so on.
    what kind of blend tea is popular tea In London? Wedgewood,FORTNUM & MASON?
    of course I love you have any favorite tea? this weekend, while having lunch with tea,I enjoy listening music like chopin mozart bach..and then playing ,practicing the piano fo r a piano lesson. that is just my really happy weekend.

    • 21 March 2012 / 10:43

      Fortnum and mason is a wonderful brand – good for gifts. We have any regular types of tea which can be bought in the normal supermarkets. I really like Fortnum and Mason and the tea available at Harrods (an amazing shop!). Many people drink ‘Kusmi’ tea but I do not like it. 私の好きなお茶は玉露とほうじ茶です。Mariage Frères is very common in Paris but not so much here. It is very good quality.

      You have very good taste in music!


      • days
        21 March 2012 / 15:10

        Thank you for your thoughtful comments!! It is so usefull in so many context for me to see your blog. 日本のお抹茶も飲んで見てください。私は茶道を少し習っています。Please send a message if you want some information about japanese tea ceremony.^^v

        • 23 March 2012 / 06:16

          Thanks very much – I’ll email you this weekend!

  5. 22 March 2012 / 23:31

    You are my foodie queen. I love healthy food, as boring as that sounds, but you manage to make your breakfasts sound tasty as well as healthy (as opposed to plain old dull!). I’m still rocking the ginger and hot water, it’s my new obsession.


    • 23 March 2012 / 06:09

      Oh, you’re so sweet! Thanks very much. I love healthy food. About four times a year, I go “wild” and have crazy pizza or a cheeseburger, but to be honest, salad, soup, fruit and porridge are my faves. I thought I was craving pancakes but realised I just wanted maple syrup, so this was a healthier option. Isn’t the ginger with hot water delicious? Such a great way to jazz dull water up.

      See you soon I hope – sorry, been so busy 🙁


  6. 24 March 2012 / 01:08

    Sadly no advice on vegan baking but around the corner from me in NYC, Liquiteria, though a smoothie bar, does the very best vegan cake slices and I still buy them now and again… my Dad eats porridge every day in the winter and swears by it, he’d be very impressed with your post 🙂

    • 6 April 2012 / 14:54

      Your dad know what I’m talking about! Porridge has come a long way since my mum used to give it to me without any sugar! Serious tears at the breakfast table…

  7. Kimberley
    1 April 2012 / 02:39

    Applesauce intead of butter in cakes! Non fat refried beans work for an egg substitute! 1 Cup for 2 eggs.

  8. 2 April 2012 / 11:43

    Your food is always so photogenic!! haha! Makes me want to eat porridge…

    • 6 April 2012 / 14:39

      Ha! It makes a change to stuffing meringue down my throat! Oh no, now that’s exactly what I want to do…

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