World AIDS Day 2010: I pray…

Today I pray for all of those suffering with HIV and AIDS.  I pray for families coping with such disease. For the youngsters and future generations, I pray that your governments will fund educational activities/programmes so that you never have to worry about HIV and AIDS.  I pray, naively perhaps, that our governments (worldwide) will stop being so damn selfish and stupid by denying the causes of HIV and therefore limiting education and investment. I pray that we find a cure for HIV.  If I get to see a cure for HIV (and Cancer) developed in my lifetime, I will want for nothing else.

Whether you’re religious or not, whether you believe in a God, many Gods or just ‘the powers that be’, I believe that we all want the same thing.  HIV doesn’t discriminate.

Be safe and spread the word: safe sex or no sex.


  1. 1 December 2010 / 21:04

    Nice Milla! I’ll give my prayers to that tonight too!

    • Milla
      2 December 2010 / 10:02

      Thank you Cupcake. If anything is worth a prayer, this is.


  2. Le Choix Trois
    1 December 2010 / 21:16

    Great post. Let’s keep on spreading the news! You got my prayers too!

    • Milla
      2 December 2010 / 10:03

      The sisters who pray – I like it! I cannot believe that HIV/AIDS is spreading and defeating us. Spreading the news is so vital. Thank you LCT.


  3. 1 December 2010 / 23:12

    I will add mine too. It’s so sad and some many people are suffering especially in Africa. My friend lived in Zim and she saw people dying every day on the streets. That things just make you appreciate the fact you healthy and well. Lovely post Milla. xx

    • Milla
      2 December 2010 / 10:08

      So, so sad Justyna. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for your friend to witness that. Thank you for sharing.

      When I saw the beautiful children in the video, I cried so much. They’re smiling and chatting away despite having lost their loved ones. These children are lucky because many more are forgotten.

      We’re all so blessed.


  4. 2 December 2010 / 02:15

    Great post Milla….

    • Milla
      2 December 2010 / 10:09

      Says the woman working on scientifically kicking HIV’s butt! You’re an inspiration Dana.


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